Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | February 3, 2009

Me Likey Chimichanga…


I am craving some really good Mexican food.

Unfortunately, Boston–as I’ve thus far discovered–has no good Mexican food.

In fact two of the top six rated “Mexican restaurants” on are Anna’s Taqueria…which tastes a lot like I imagine dog poo would taste if mixed with rice and thrown inside a gross, chewy tortilla.

If anyone knows of any seriously good Mexican food in the greater Boston metro area (read: I can get there via the subway and/or a bus route) please let me know.

Until that happens, I’ll just sit here longing to go to Mazatlan when I get back to Mankato in April and/or Taco John‘s which–sadly enough–is better than the lion’s share of Mexican food I’ve sampled at “real restaurants” here in Boston.


…Gravey wants a chimichanga.




  1. You can swing by my house Thursday night…I’m making guacamole with San Diego avocados and jalapenos that came back with me in my carry-on… I’m sure there’ll be some form of Mexican goodies to go along with it all…


  2. I’ve heard people say that the Border Cafe in Harvard Square is some of the best Mexican they’ve had around here… but I’ve also heard people say that it’s not that great. I went once and thought it was pretty good, but I’m not that big on Mexican food so I’m probably not the best judge.

    I’d ask Drew for you, since he considers himself an expert (being from southern Cali and all that), but he likes Anna’s, so I’m guessing your opinions wouldn’t jive.

    There WAS a good place by Fenway called El Pelon, but it just burned down like a month or two ago. If they rebuild, you should try them.


    • He likes Anna’s?!?!?!

      How is that even possible…it’s soooooo gross!!

      Grace and I hit up the Border Cafe before Christmas and were SUPER disappointed. It was very bland…no me gusta.

      Thus far the best I’ve encountered is Fajitas and Ritas in downtown and…um…I guess some of the burrito places like Chipotle…and this awesome one in Southie that would always make mine super hot for me. Oh, Southie…


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