Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 24, 2009

Unemployable…Again?! (pt.1)

Any long-time readers of my blog may remember the turmoil I experienced whilst job-hunting prior to my move to Boston. Well, I fear things may have come full-circle.

Rumor has it the economy is in pretty bad shape. MIT recently lost a big ole chunk of its endowment and is now working its way into penny-pinching mode, looking to trim nearly $50 million from the budget.

As a result, phrases like “hiring freeze,” “early retirement” and (of course) “layoffs” have been brandied about as potential solutions to keep the budget in check. Initially I wasn’t overly concerned because I figure I’m a pretty valuable employee.will-work-for

I mean seriously…

I’m a hard-worker.
I’m tremendously efficient.
I’m a pretty smart dude.
I’m quite personable with both the public and the staff.
I’m one of the only people who can reach the top shelves.

Those points notwithstanding, I’ve found myself growing moderately more worried as the weeks have rolled by. On far too many occasions I’ve heard whispers about the impending doom of layoffs and then, just the other day, in a meeting about the “future of the libraries at MIT” the leader of the meeting dropped a bombshell about the “forthcoming layoffs” as though the ball was already rolling to send a bunch of us library folk packin’…and that’s when I finally got nervous and really had to do some pondering.

If my job were to somehow find itself non-existent in some money-saving venture, where would that leave me?!

Well I’m not entirely sure.

I’ve got a degree in journalism with a pair of minors in creative writing and speech communications. This means that I’m largely qualified to bag groceries and/or pump gas for a living.

Perhaps I can work at a Super-Mega-Ultra-Wal-Mart and do both?!

I mean I’m by no means incompetent…I’ve held a bunch of random jobs in the many moons I’ve wandered this earth. I’ve been a pizza dude, worked at a convenience store, vaccinated hogs, worked in construction, been a temp at a catering company, written for a newspaper, worked at a television station and—of course—worked in libraries.

Recently—in an attempt to alleviate some of my financial woes—I’ve taken to donating my body (or at least my brain) to science by doing some MRI studies for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences department here on campus. Unfortunately, this only works as a supplement to my income and if/when I actually find out I’ve been fired/released/laid-off/occupationally-executed I can guarantee getting my brain scanned isn’t going to pay the bills.

So now I’m left to wonder, what the hell do I do if I get axed?!

Continued in Part Two of Unemployable…Again?!



  1. Just for your reference, the chica who oversaw the library system for Iowa Lakes is retiring effective June 30. Therefore, they’ll need someone to run the library and I’ll need you to live in my basement.


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