Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 11, 2009

Simple Pleasures: a New Playlist

ipoddudeAs I’ve mentioned previously, I love my iPod. Without my iPod my commute while living in Southie would have been awful. Unfortunately, I don’t use it nearly as much now that my commute has been reduced to a ten minute Ric Flair-style strut.

Well Faithful Readers, what happens when you use something less? Yep, that’s right…you appreciate it less.

It’s just like every dude who got a Super Nintendo back in the day and thought it was the coolest thing ever…until they got a Playstation and suddenly they started playing their SNES less and less, until eventually it disappeared for $10 at a garage sale and the aforementioned dudes never noticed.

I’ll admit, as much as I love my iPod, I’ve clearly been appreciating it less than it deserves as of late.

That all changed today.

See, at work my computer got upgraded from Windows XP to Vista and as a result I had to download new versions of several programs that wouldn’t transfer between XP and Vista. One of those programs was iTunes, which was–at first–a HUGE pain in the ass. I mean seriously, who wants to have to reinstall all of their music files?! Not this guy, that’s for darn sure!

Then I went to charge my iPod and found out that since I’d downloaded a new version of iTunes, I had to clear my iPod to sync it up with the new iTunes library (which technically was the same library as before). I was pretty pissed, but had no choice, so I went ahead and cleared my iPod playlist.

It was then that I got this crazy rush!! Suddenly, I was free to create a new playlist from scratch. I hadn’t done that since I first got the iPod nearly two and a half years ago. Sure I’d added and removed songs here and there in that time, but for the most part the bulk of the playlist hadn’t really changed much.

apple-ipod-shuffleSo there I sat for three hours, going through the nearly 6,500 songs on my computer, picking each song one-by-one to assemble a brand-new compilation. This new assemblage of songs–much like my full iTunes list–covers every genre and contains about as much awesomeness as one gigabyte of memory can handle.

With a new cache of tunes my walk home took on a brand new Gene Kelly-like form and I couldn’t help but get my sing and dance hum and head-bop on!!

It was just wonderful; my brand-new playlist was like Christmas morning in my ears!! I had no idea what was coming next and it was all songs I hadn’t heard every day for past two years or so.

Without a doubt for anyone who has fallen into a music rut, I totally recommend you scrap your list and start from scratch. It’s a glorious experience!

Here’s to you, Brand New Playlist!!!



  1. I ❤ Gene Kelly!! That video plus the mental image of you dancing down the street like him just made my day!


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