Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 11, 2009

Dane Cook Sucks…

Okay, I’m not gonna lie. I might be a wee-bit intoxicated here on a Sunday evening, but I do know that Dane Cook makes me want to kill anyone who even finds him remotely funny.

danecooksucksballsI’m sitting here–roughly ten beers in–and this dude cannot make a single joke that gets me giggling.

To be perfectly honest I’m largely offended and/or disappointed by just about everything that comes out of this schmuck’s mouth.

Nothing he says makes me laugh. None of his awkward full-body seizure movements make me laugh. None of his random uses of the good ole F-bomb make me laugh.

Yet for some reason completely unknown to me this dude right here, this D-Bag is the top comedian in the freakin’ country right now.

Let’s go ahead and color me not happy!!

This dude blows!!



  1. I agree with you I happened to be flipping channels and rean across dane cooks show.. NOT FUNNY AT ALL.. its amazing how ppl actually fins this guy funny . I laugh at anythin…. so its pretty sad when a comedian canot make me laugh!!


  2. Have you ever seen his “you’re about to be struck by a vehicle” bit? That one used to reduce my roomies and I to fits of laughter… maybe we were overtired, who knows, but it was pretty funny.

    But I do agree with you for the most part. Especially his more recent stuff… just not really that good.


  3. Yeah… replace that “I” with a “me” in my last comment. The grammar section of my brain shut down for a wee moment!


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