Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 8, 2009

When I Grow Up…


Last night, I was channel surfing because there was nothing on and I was doing my best not to puke after cooking what I can only assume was the world’s first batch of crunchy Mac‘n’Cheese. Somehow I stumbled across the Travel Channel and what was probably the most inspiring show I’ve ever seen…“Man vs. Food.”

The premise of the show is absolutely glorious. This dude travels around the country and eats.

That’s it.

He gets paid to go from city-to-city and eat at all the coolest spots for gluttons. That’s right, it’s not one of those shows that has a dude telling you where to snag the best crème brûlée on the eastern seaboard or one of those shows where a dude has to eat pickled wasps and sheep innards (or crunchy Mac’n’Cheese).

No, no…this show is all about traveling around and eating burgers, pizzas and subs of all shapes and sizes. Absolutely glorious!! In addition to just wandering around and checking out the local cuisine the dude also gets to try out the local eating challenges. Last night I watched him try to eat an eleven-pound pizza covered in five kinds of meat!! Naturally he failed, but he made a valiant effort.

And get this, next week’s episode has him coming to Boston!!

Without a doubt, this is the job I want when I grow up. I’ve got no doubt that dude is going to have to retire soon after an unfortunate, yet completely unavoidable double-bypass surgery…and that’s when the doors swing open for this library-dude to step up and become the Man who gets paid and gets famous for going head-to-head with Food on a weekly basis.

…yeah, I think I can handle that!!



  1. I watched Man vs Food for the first time last night also… and its was fantastic. If I was capable of putting away that much food in one sitting, I would totally be your competition for his job.

    Where is he visiting in Boston?!


    • Straight from the Travel Channel Website…

      “Boston, MA- Premieres, Jan. 14, at 10 p.m. ET

      * Barking Crab
      * East Coast Grille
      * Challenge: The 12-pound Eagle’s Challenge Burger, complete with 5 pounds of burger, 2 pounds of bacon and cheese, and 5 pounds of fries, at Eagles Deli.”

      This should be good stuff!!


  2. the barking crab is in southie!!!

    also, is that the giant stacked burger that the phantom gourmet guys keep teasing you with?


    • the barking crab IS in southie!!!

      and yes…yes it is the same burger…i SOOOOOO want this dude’s job!!


  3. Hey,

    I work with the Travel Channel’s online community team and couldn’t help but notice this blog about Man V. Food. As you may already know Travel Channel’s Man V. Food will be featuring Boston in this week’s episode, which airs Wednesday, January 14th, at 10pm ET.

    Boston Details
    This Wednesday’s Man v. Food brings burger-eating to a whole new level. But first Adam Richman, the host, heads to Beantown for the East Coast Grill’s Hell Night: a super-spicy feast where they serve some of the hottest foods on earth. The Pasta from Hell is topped with three Ghost Chilis, and a pepper from India that’s 100 times hotter than a jalapeño. Next Adam is off to the Barking Crab for some traditional New England fare:a 4 pound clambake.

    For the main event, Adam takes on the Eagles Deli Challenge with a local Red Sox fan: a whopping five-pound, 10-patty burger, with 20 slices of cheese, 20 pieces of bacon, five pounds of fries and a giant pickle. Over 1500 have attempted the Eagles Deli challenge … and so far none have succeeded. Will New York defeat Boston?

    Tune-in to Man v. Food on Wednesday at 10pm ET to find out! Below is a sneak peek video for you to post to your blog.

    To get updates on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food and look at pictures of Adam on the road, become a fan of Travel Channel’s Man V Food Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter. Also, we are putting together a weekly updates list to keep fans “in the know”. Please let me know if you are interested in being on this list.

    On a more personal note, I hope you do not find this offensive. I just thought you might be interested in some more information.

    Emma Sefton

    Room 214, Inc. on behalf of the Travel Channel


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