Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | January 6, 2009

January Slump Returns


Well, I think all ya’ll know what time of year it is. It’s the early part of January and as has often been the case, I’m in a bit of a writing malaise. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t have stuff to write or want to write, but this time of year…for whatever reason…I tend to open up a Word document, fill it with crap and then delete it all far more often than I get around to hitting the publish button on my bloggity-blog.

In my head, I’ve written about 2,000 great blogs in the last two and a half weeks. I’ve chronicled my Midwest Misadventures, I’ve written many a tale of drunken revelry, I’ve scribed long diatribes on topics of all shapes and sizes, I’ve pounded out enough crucial information to ruin any hope of a political career for anyone named Kunkel.

What I haven’t done is actually put pen-to-paper (or is it finger-to-key?!) for any of those tales.

I’ve yet to figure out why this happens every year. Perhaps it is because of all the traveling and because I’m so busy at home? Perhaps it’s because at home I have limited access to the internet and a working computer? Perhaps it’s simply because when I get done with Christmas break I have a ton of work waiting for me? Who knows?!

What I do know is that it happens every January and it sucks.

Last year it was worse than usual as it turned out to be a case of hardcore writer’s block that stuck around until October when I spent some time talking about blogging with one of my personal favorite bloggers, Mr. Seth Johnson. For whatever reason when I returned to Boston I was completely energized to write again and apparently others were energized to read my crap…talk about a win-win.

In an effort to counteract my usual January drop-off, I’ve decided that I’m not going to delete any of the dumb, short, pointless, rambling, boring, lame, embarrassing, borderline offensive things that I hammer out this time of year. Rather, I’m just going to post them. I’m also setting numerous writing goals to ensure that I publish something new at least once every two days (in theory)…gotta keep the reading public happy…assuming there are any of you left after my Christmas break drop-off?!



  1. That’s what I like to hear!!! Sometimes the ones you think are silly and pointless end up being great when you look back on them. A good number of my posts when I was in England are trivial and dumb, but now I’m SO glad I wrote them anyway.

    Your quest is inspiring… maybe I’ll take up the same goal too!




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