Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 12, 2008

Simple Pleasures: Potato Oles

tacojuanWhen I get back to Iowa…nay…on my way back to Iowa, somewhere in the dense wilderness that is Minnesota, I will stop at Taco John’s.


When I do it will be a glorious moment for both me and my oft-deprived taste-buds. For those of you not in the proverbial ‘know’ let me explain why stopping at a seemingly innocuous little fast-food ‘Mexican’ restaurant will be such a phenomenal experience for me.


I love Taco John’s. I grew up devouring the stuff. When I was a kid my family only really went to three fast food restaurants: Burger King, Dairy Queen and Taco John’s. Sure we’d mix in the occasion stop at McDonalds, Hardees or A&W, but for the most part we were loyal to the King, the Queen and their friend John. Growing up we didn’t go out to eat much partially because we were what the fancy folks would call “working poor” and because only on the rarest of occasions would we find ourselves in one of the two closest cities with populations that warranted fast-food restaurants.


Anyway, the King and the Queen were in Spencer, as was Taco John’s and they all got equal loving from the Graves family. However, when we headed west on Highway 18 and rolled into Sheldon, it was Taco John’s territory and no one else’s.


We loved the stuff growing up and found it was the one ‘restaurant’ where we were willing to experiment with what we ordered. For those of you who don’t know about the Graves family, I should let you know that we aren’t the most adventurous people, in the culinary sense. I didn’t try Chinese food until college. I didn’t try Indian food until a year ago. At fast-food joints everyone in my family would rattle off their Combo Number and we’d be all set, but not at Taco John’s. We’d all mix it up and try everything and anything on the menu. It was quite the coming of age place for the Graves family.


potato-oles1So in addition to being some tasty-fake-Mexican food, it is also full of memories for me. Unfortunately, since moving to Boston I’ve been deprived of the sweet, sweet glorious goodness that is Taco John’s signature item…the Potato Ole!


There is nothing more delectable than a fresh, perfectly-seasoned Potato Ole. If you get a lil cup of the nacho cheese to dip those suckers in….mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm. It’s like cheesy-potato-heaven.


So this little bloggity-blog goes out to one of my favorite Simple Pleasures in life…the Potato Ole!!


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