Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 6, 2008

Simple Pleasures



Now that I’ve been twenty-five for awhile (read: 32 hours), I’ve had some time to sit-back and reflect. As a result of my ponderings I’ve realized something very, very important. It’s the small things in life that really rock a dude’s face off. As such, I’ve decided to make it a point to expound on some of those small things, life’s simple pleasures if you will. So now I will cease with the rigmarole and welcome you all to the first installment of a new series entitled “Simple Pleasures.”




Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and cheese. Hall and Oates.  


Throughout history, we have been witness to some incredible pairings. Pioneers with more moxie and creativity than their peers boldly went where no man, woman, child or weird cyborg-humanoid sent from the future to kill any of the aforementioned men, women or children had gone before.


Those pioneers…nay…those heroes took it upon themselves to take two independent objects and combine them, resulting in a match that—as the old saying goes— “was made in northwest Iowa.” (edit: I’ve just been informed that this saying doesn’t carry much weight outside of 712-area code. Apparently a group of posers have replaced “northwest Iowa” with “heaven.” Pffffft…“match made in heaven,” yeah, like that’s gonna catch on!)


showerbeer002I’ve learned a lot from many of the aforementioned pairings. I know that it does—in fact—take two to make a thing go right. It also takes two to make it outta sight. Based on that cornerstone of the “Pairing Random Shit Together” philosophy I want to make mention of a pairing that has treated me well in my travels. Today I pay homage to…cold beer and hot shower.


Nothing beats an ice-cold brewski while you’re washing off grit and grime from a hard day’s work or the blood from maliciously slaying an annoying red-headed comedian who relies far too heavily on lame props or the previous night’s bar-stink. Think about it folks, you’ve got hot water falling on your back and you’ve got an icy imbiber in your hand. Last time I checked, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Everyone knows that a nice steamy shower is relaxing and everyone knows that a frosty brew is all-kinds of awesome…so why fight it?! Combine the two, my friends. Although, I should mention…I don’t recommend this during your pre-work, morning shower. Most bosses—although wholly appreciative of the hot shower/cold beer phenomenon—tend to prefer that type of activity be reserved for weekends and/or after you’ve punched out for the day.


So today friends, I ask that we all pay a little tribute to one of life’s simple pleasures and best combinations…a cold beer in a hot shower.



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