Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 3, 2008

Public Service Announcement: iPod


I love my iPod. I really do. Grace got it for me two years ago and I’ve used it daily ever since. It was really bad-ass when I first got it, because it was one of the second-generation iPod Shuffles. At the time they had yet to be released to the public, but Grace managed to talk the teenager working the electronics counter at Best Buy into hooking her up with one, and I’ve loved it ever since.


Okay, that having been said, I think it’s time I finally write about something that has happened numerous times but reached the absolute peak this morning—roughly ten pain-filled, Tylenol-inducing minutes ago to be precise.


Let me take you back a little to give you the full context. When we lived in Southie, I’d put on my iPod every morning and saunter down the street making the sojourn to the Broadway T-stop. Imagine me strutting ala “Saturday Night Fever” if you’d like, because I can’t rule out the fact that you may be 100% accurate.


Generally I’d have to turn my iPod up again and again as more cars passed and the street noise started to drown out my blatantly kickin’ tunes. So by the time I’d get to the T, the volume was really cranked, but when I’d get on the train I could still hear other people’s music. That’s right. I had my iPod cranked. I had earbuds in. They had earbuds in. There were a few people standing between us, but I could still hear their music!! This always made me very self-conscious about how loud my music was and I’d turn it back down as to not be a big douchebag.


Then we moved to Cambridge.


Now there is no train ride to curtail my constant volume-uppage. So I put on my iPod as I’m leaving the library at the end of the day. I bob my head as I wait for the elevator. I get out of the elevator and there’s a hip-hop class or a ballroom dancing class going on in the lobby, so I turn up the volume a little. Then I get outside and there’s a lot of noise from the cars and various buildings spewing smoke and steam off into the air, so I turn up the volume a little. I get off of campus and near Main Street and more cars are whizzing by, so I turn up the volume a little. I wait for the walk light at the corner of Main and Windsor and someone else’s car stereo drowns out my Hannah Montana Guns-n-Roses, so I turn up the volume a little. Finally, I make it home and turn off my iPod.


Then, the next morning, I put it my earbuds and hit play and what do I find?!




At which point I squeal like a pig receiving his spring vaccinations and rip out my earbuds. I fumble for the volume and realize that my ears, eyes, brain and—for whatever reason—pancreas are all throbbing.


So consider this another friendly Public Service Announcement from your friendly, neighborhood lanky-Iowan…please, remember to turn down the volume on your iPod before you turn that sumbitch off…OR ELSE!!




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