Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 12, 2008

New Purchases…

Let’s be honest, I’m a pretty stingy mofo.

The majority of my cashflow tends to find its way toward fulfilling my college debt, rent, utility bills and ensuring that I’m well-fed. Due to the fact that I’m a horrendous impulse shopper, I also occasionally blow some cash on stupid things. Recently, however, I’ve been in a bit of a money-crunch and I’ve been doing my best to save cash and not blow it on impulse buys.

Unfortunately in the last week I’ve given into three purchases on a random whim. As such, I figure that I should flaunt these purchases in the hopes that at least one of my two faithful readers will tell me that they think I made the right move.

Here goes…

iowa_painting_blurryWHAT: Midwesterny painting thingy…
WHERE: MIT Furniture Exchange
WHEN: Tuesday November 4, 2008
WHY: My parents had this exact work of art in our living room throughout my entire childhood. When we remodeled our living room years back, they got rid of it and—to be perfectly honest—I’ve always missed it. The only thing to appear in a frame that reminds me more of home is the photo my parents had taken of my house a few years back. Not gonna lie, I’ve thought about stealing it a few times and perhaps this Christmas is the year. If I can combine the two, I’ll have the ultimate Iowan living room—I’m sure Grace would love that!!


twins-cap-kelly-greenWHAT: Kelly Green Twins Cap
WHERE: Olympia Sports – Cambridge, MA
WHEN: Sunday November 9, 2008 (Post awful meatball event)
WHY: It was on sale. I don’t buy a ton of hats because I generally pick one and wear it until its death. Although, when I walked into Olympia Sports they had an incredible deal on hats and I was completely awestruck to find a Twins hat sitting on the shelf, just waiting to be purchased by someone who would care for it and love it with the appropriate amount of affection that it deserved. Granted, had it cost any more than $7, I’d have probably just gone ahead and left the store.


patriotsshirt001-smallWHAT: Sweet-ass Patriots shirt
WHERE: Olympia Sports – Cambridge, MA
WHEN: Sunday November 9, 2008 (Same time/place as the hat)
WHY: I’ve wanted to snag a Patriots shirt for a while, to complement my Tom Brady jersey. I had my eye on this one incredibly bad-ass Patriots shirt that was light blue with the old school logo. Ask Johnny or Grace, they’ve both seen it and agreed it’s all-kinds of awesome. Unfortunately, the shirt costs over $50…which for a t-shirt is f’n ridiculous!! So when I saw this bad-ass shirt, I had no choice but to pounce and fulfill my craving!!



  1. 1. You had to get the painting. I’m a big proponent of nostalgia, and if your parents had this same painting while you were growing up, it’s only right that you have it in your place now. Especially since they got rid of it!

    2. That hat rocks. And for $7?? Totally necessary.

    3. The shirt is BADASS. Here’s the important question though….. how much did it cost?


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