Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 16, 2007

Dear Diary (v.2:pt.1)

For those who are unaware of what my “Dear Diary” blogs consist of let me sum it up for you. Every semester during Finals Week, one of the libraries on campus stays open 24/7 and as such is in need of folks to keep the place running (more or less).

I am all about this, partially because of the gigantic paycheck that comes from working a ton of extra hours in the middle of the night and partially as a way to test my body’s endurance. Plus it makes great fodder for blog stories, which is pretty key.

The first official Dear Diary blog came during my overnight shift this past spring, as such this is volume 2. I’ll be splitting it into parts because I began to chronicle my events from when I woke up on Saturday morning and I plan to continue doing so until I pass out sometime tomorrow…

So without further ado, here comes part one of volume two. Don’t expect much excitement until the latter portion of the day when the dire need for sleep kicks in.


Saturday – 7:00am

Slowly waking up. My belly hurts and my eyes hurt. Turns out that I forgot to take out my contacts last night. In addition, my wonderful idea to stop and get the sampler platter at Characters (the bar that I—ironically enough—hit up before my overnight shift back in the spring too) turned out to be an awful idea. I have a belly full of awful, disgusting greasy food to go with all the beer from last night’s adventure at the Muddy. Ugh.

Saturday – 9:20am

Okay, feeling better. Showered and shaved and whatnot. Eyes aren’t all wonky anymore, so that’s a good sign. It’s now time to pack for the overnight; much like a slumber party (although minus any sleeping or makeovers) it is essential to have all the right gear. As such I load my bag up with the following: the book “Moneyball” which I’ve been quasi-reading for the better part of three months, my most recent editions of “The Sporting News” and “ESPN: The Magazine,” a one pound bag of M&Ms, a bag of beef jerky, my cellphone charger, my camera and my Twins cap. Any further necessities will be procured in the four hour window between the end of my afternoon shift and the beginning of my overnight shift.

Saturday – 10:00am

The ladies have already busted out the laptops to continue their marathon paper-writing session. Jackie, however, is already knee-deep in the first breakdown of the day and is reading awful questions from Yahoo! Answers at a rather dizzying pace. Grace on the other hand is taking this opportunity to light candles, sweep crumbs off the counter, contemplating the disarray in which our apartment currently resides…all as outlets for homework avoidance. I decide I should hit the road before the madness wears off…I can’t be dipping my toes in the crazy pond when I’ve get a bare minimum of 24 hours standing between me and the blissful state of unconsciousness.

PS: Unconsciousness is not an easy word to spell.

Saturday – 10:35am

I’m at work and going through my pre-work festivities of turning on the lights and whatnot and what do I see? Well it would appear to be a nerd so desperate to get into the library to study they he is passed out on the bench in the lobby. We don’t open until 1pm. It seems to me that all this time he’s wasting camping out and napping in our lobby could be better used for studying.

In fact, this is a good time for me to make a little confession about these overnight shifts. That confession is this…I don’t really get it. I don’t get why we need to be open 24 hours a day during finals and I sometimes don’t get why I need to be there (other than the monster paycheck) either because the reality of it is 95% of the people who are in the library to study aren’t using any of the library materials. They aren’t getting books off the shelves, they aren’t using our computers and they sure as hell aren’t asking me to give them any reference help. They sit on their laptops and they read from their textbooks. Couldn’t that be done in their dorm rooms or apartments?! But I digress…mostly because I enjoy the gigantic paycheck that comes from babysitting nerds.

Saturday – 11:00am

All the lights are flipped on and this library is ready to open. Now I’ve got two hours to kill; time to go watch some volleyball. Darcy and Lisa are playing on the MIT volleyball team over in the gym and there’s a pretty big tournament going down…so I’m going to go root them on and probably grab a bite to eat.

Saturday – 12:47pm

That was a good time. I saw some solid volleyball action and I may have found a brand new appreciation for the entire spandex industry. In addition, I’ve got a jumbo hot dog, a Red Bull, a Gatorade and a quart of water in me and I’m feeling pretty solid right now; time to open the library.

Saturday – 1:03pm

The library is open, but let me interject…holy crap! There were twelve…count ‘em twelve people standing outside in the lobby waiting for me to open this place up. Again my question of why people who need to “study so bad”…are willing to waste so much time standing around and waiting for the library to open (when another perfectly swell library is already open) boggles my mind.

Saturday – 1:05pm

Two of the people who were waiting in the lobby just asked if we were open 24/7.

People who were standing outside…when we were closed…just asked if we were open 24/7.

Let me rephrase that. MIT STUDENTS…who were standing outside the CLOSED and LOCKED library just asked me if we were open 24/7.

Does anyone else find that a bit alarming?! Is it just me?!

Saturday – 2:13pm

Okay, yeah…I’m bored out of my mind. I did the claims report for December already and I’m two weeks ahead on the binding, as such I’m left with little to occupy my time. No one should pass that note along to my boss; nothing good could come from that. I guess I’ll just keep refreshing Facebook…or I could always log onto MSN or something…or maybe I’ll have to resort to pasting my face on celebrities’ bodies. That’s always a good time.

Saturday – 2:48pm

Holy crappers! Great story to pass along to those of you in Blogland. My wonderful co-worker, Ms. Laura McWilliams, just came bounding up the stairs and it was quite obvious she was suffering from a serious case of the “holy shits.” It turns out it was for a good reason.

Whilst using the ladies room downstairs she heard a splash and then a rat…yes, a rat…poked his little head up between her legs. As one might expect she screamed like there was no tomorrow and the furry lil guy disappeared back down into the toilet and up in the pipes!! Needless to say, Laura was a wee-bit shaken and thus, rightfully suffering from a case of the aforementioned “holy shits.”

On a side-note: Suck on that Harvard. We’ve got gigantic, amphibious rats running through the pipes of MIT. What have you bitches got that can top that?!

Saturday – 3:21pm

There is this chick her with some creepy blue eyes. She’s kinda hot, but I think she just uses that as part of her trap—in fact—I think she’s probably some sort of murderous warlock. The eyes are just too blue for her to be trusted. In fact, I haven’t seen her in a while…she’s probably stealing someone’s soul right now. More as it develops.

Saturday – 4:48pm

The Blue-Eyed Demon just waltzed up here and did some crazy stutter step thing before disappearing back under the dome. I think she was about to leave her laptop and stuff (idiot) until I told her we close at six. Apparently she was going to leave her laptop, coat and other belongings unattended for more than an hour. No longer worried she’s a soul-stealing succubus, now I’m more worried that she’s just really, really stupid.

PS: People bitch a lot about this place closing at six. It always closes at six. It’s on all the signs…six. That’s when we close, yet they all ask even while they’re staring at the signs and assume I’ll magically tell them that they can stay all night.

PPS: Yeah, I’m really hungry again. *sigh*

Saturday – 6:26pm

Okay, so the first shift of the day is finished. Not too much to report on in the second half of the shift; it was really quiet and really boring. As expected I’ve already had to resort to Yahoo! Answers to keep me amused. That can’t be a good sign.

I’m going to go hit the gym now and get some of that natural energy flowing through the veins and then snag a bite to eat.



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