Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | September 8, 2006

Things On My Mind

Well, I’m sitting here, hunched over my laptop as it rests on the window sill. Basically because the Verizon people still have yet to show up and grant us with the blessing that is our own internet connection and hunched over my laptop on the window sill just happens to be the only place I can steal someone else’s wireless connection. So, I guess I’ll take what I can get…but being that I currently have a connection and I’m sick of filling out online applications for the time being, I’ve decided to grace you (my peeps)…did I just say peeps?!…with a new blog entry.

This bad boy may be a bit of a hodge-podge, but bear with me. I’ve had a lot of things swirling around lately.

-For anyone not overly interested in baseball…first off, shame on you. You’re probably dead to me. Secondly, feel free to skip past this section. Anywho…random things. The Reds. They are finally falling back to earth. Thank God! I spent all season waiting for them to play like, well, the Reds. It took a lot longer than I’d expected, but come on, the Orioles were a first-place club until the All-Star break last year…stranger things have happened. I think the new Reds GM, Wayne Krivsky made some flat-out awful decisions. Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez for two mid-level middle-relievers…what the hell was that about? You don’t trade away two everyday starters in their 20s for two jabronis who aren’t worth the money you’re overpaying for them…EVER!! I hate the Reds. I hate their misuse of talent. I hate their awful ownership. I’m happy they’re falling and falling fast and I expect their big four game series with the Padres to officially eliminate any thought they may have of considering themselves a legit playoff contender. F*ck the Reds. Okay…next point. Annibel Sanchez (spelling might be off, but I’m working with a tempremental i-net connection…no time for proofreading) throws the first no-no in MLB since Randy Johnson’s perfecto in 2004. Huge props to the youngster. The Marlins knew what they were doing when they traded away Beckett and Lowell this offseason and they acquired a mother-load of talent from the BoSox and Sanchez was a big part of it (along with Hanley Ramirez). The BoSox are dead in the water and players they traded like Ramirez, Sanchez, Arroyo, etc….would probably have kept the team in contention. Just a thought, maybe they should hire a young 22-year-old to restructure the franchise? Just throwin’ it out there.

Next up…the Twinkies pursuit of the postseason. Honestly, as a Twins fan…and hell, as a baseball fan…this season’s American League race has been incredible. To think three years ago the AL Central was considered the weakest division in all of baseball and the Royals were a legit contender until September!!!  Now there are three teams that could compete in any division in baseball and the Indians, despite an awful record are still one helluva ballclub. The Twins season, which seemed lost in early June, has turned into one of the most memorable seasons in recent memory for this baseball fan. Watching that team send the veterans packing and handing the reigns to the youth like Punto, Bartlett, Liriano, Tyner, Cuddyer, etc…has been a breath of fresh-air. Even if the Twins miss the playoffs this will go down as a remarkable season. Justin Morneau has finally emerged as the power-threat and overall offensive machine he was advertised to be two years ago. Joe Mauer has lead the league in batting for much of the season. Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano has flat-out dazzled the league with their pitching repetoires. No-namers like Nick Punto and Jason Tyner have become rocks in a scrappy young offense. This has been a great year and hopefully it will keep rolling straight through October!

2) Okay…baseball’s over. Next up…Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers. Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t. I first got a listen of SK6ers awhile back and thought, man…these boys rock. But during my move I’ve found myself rocking out to them pretty much 24/7. These guys are a Bostonian band of sorts…hailing from Northhampton, MA. If you’ve never heard of them or heard their stuff…here’s a clip from their myspace page to describe their sound…

Try and close your eyes picturing Mick Jagger having sex with The Little Engine That Could, thus having a four headed baby named Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers. With their parents off to work and no babysitter, imagine the mutant child having to grow up in front of a television. A televsion playing only reruns of The Facts of Life and a worn out beta max tape of The Last Waltz. Three part harmonies sung high and low by the two characters on keys and drums with Kellogg’s voice in the middle might remind the listener of a song off an old Crosby, Stills and Nash. Their song writing is part Counting Crows, and maybe a hint of good ole country twang, (but not enough to kill even a country hater). Throw in some of The Eagles and a dollup of Cat Stevens. Sprinkle the band with a little Bon Jovi and sautee’ it with Sheryl Crow. But hey, listen, and you tell us…

Yeah…that pretty much sums it up. I’m madly in love with their music right now. They’re on the road and I think they are hitting up Minneapolis sometime soon for all of my Midwest homies…(sidenote: my personal fave–O.A.R. is also headed for Minneapolis in the near future….) check out some of Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers at their myspace page — or at at the latter you can sample all of their music by using the player at the bottom of the page…pretty f’n sweet!

3) I miss my friends. I miss Mankato. I miss my family. I miss my katt.

4) I want a job. I hate waiting to get hired. Why can’t they just hire me the same day I give them my resume…man, that’d be sweet.

5) BooKoo energy drinks…taste really funny. But I think I’m having a full-body seizure…so clearly they work!

6) I’m now sick of writing, b/c my back hurts from hunching over this computer…man…what a lame blog!



  1. I’m so confused. This showed up in my RSS after the “hookey” post and before the Taylor Swift Thanksgiving post. Umm, what?


    • Has your RSS recently used a DeLorean?

      Random that a poorly-written post from my first days in Boston back in 2006 would pop up like that. You should probably punch your computer in the stones.


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