Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | March 31, 2006


Wow! I have a blog, who knew?!

Anywho, I’m back. From outer space to find you here with that sad look upon your face. I should have changed that stupid lock, I should hav…you know what, I’m sorry. This is my first blog post in a while and this is what I do to you people. I subject you to this kind of crap.

What to babble about this time?! Ah yes…the one thing I’m quite well versed in running my mouth about–BASEBALL!!

The 2006 season is nearly here after five long months of waiting I finally get to see some baseball action. Sure the World Baseball Classic was a nice hit for a baseball junkie, a good quick-fix if you will, but it lacked the luster that the baseball season brings. The first major problem was the officiating issues, which were apparent to everyone who watched and the second was the lack of actual TV time for the games. Personally I was only able to watch three full games: Cuba vs Dominican Republic, Japan vs Korea & Japan vs Cuba. All three games were great to watch and I was very impressed. What I did see of Team USA left me incredibly disappointed. It looked as though they’d shown up and taken the field without preparing at all. Whereas many of the other teams were preparing together as a team for nearly a month prior to the tournament.

Anyway, that’s about enough bitchin’ and moanin’ about the WBC it’s time to focus on the baseball season which starts this Sunday with the White Sox clashing with the Cleveland Indians. I love the feeling of ball in the spring. Everyone has a chance–well maybe not the Royals–and all of the potential and predictions in the world don’t matter anymore, it’s all about what happens on the field. I’ve already got tickets to the Twins/Yankees game Easter weekend. Should be one helluva time. I’ve been thinking about Dome Dogs for way too long.

To prepare for the start of the season I’ve been on a baseball binge lately watching baseball movie after baseball movie and reading the book “The Iowa Baseball Confederacy” by WP Kinsella, the same dude who wrote “Shoeless Joe” the book which spawned “Field of Dreams.” I ordered “Mr. Baseball” and “The Scout” on DVD from Amazon and have made a list of other baseball movies I still need to add to my illustrious collection which currently consists of 24 baseball movies in DVD format. 🙂

Anywho…I suppose that’s about all I got for now. “Eight Men Out” is getting really good now and I can’t seem to stay focused on blogging…wow, I used it like it’s a real verb. I’m so f’n sad.



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