Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | February 16, 2006

Oh You Crazy Ghost Hunters…


This is the link to the new (VERY new) baseball-opinion/information site run by Ryan Gehrke, Steven Kunkel and Your Favorite Blogger and Mine…ME!! Basically we all love baseball and more than that…love talking about it. So we are going to write articles/columns/opinion pieces throughout the season and post them on this new website. Basically it’s just for us to have a good time and run our mouths. Granted there is a good chance that, much like THIS blog, no one will ever read it, but what can you do right?!


The Seventh Annual Season of the infamous Salmon League is slated to begin soon. I’m pumped. Nothing I love more than Fantasy Baseball. It appears as though Johnny and maybe even G-Doggy will not be participating this year. We’ll have to see how things work out. Kinda sad really. We are putting money on the line this year and hoping to have a life offline draft together. Should be a good time. I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing the draft the weekend of Bockfest. Only thing is…Steven, Burns, Paulsen (spelling?!) and Justin wouldn’t have a whole lot to do while we’re all out and about getting sloshed at Bockfest.


Spring Training started today with pitchers and catchers reporting. I am pumped and a half about this one. Can’t wait for the 2006 season to begin and the World Baseball Classic. It’s a special time of the year (cue cheesy music) when every team is a contender (cue chirping birds) and every player has the chance to make this his year. I love this game.


Watched Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi tonight with Alicia and Grace while munching down some greasy Pizza Hut. I kinda dig the show since I did the interview with the Ghost Hunter dudes from Mankato back in October. I’ve always found this stuff kind of fascinating, which I think is why we always end up spending a lot of our time back in Hartley wandering around the cemetary late at night. That and I always wanted to be Winston from the GhostBusters.


Plans are now official, barring a restriction from a doctor, and Grace and I are going to Portland, Oregon, for Spring Break. I’m pumped. First of all because I love flying and travelling and secondly because Portland could be my home in the near-future and I’d love to see what the city has to offer. This is a VERY exciting time for this kid right here.


The story I submitted to my Fiction Writing Workshop went over HUGE today. For the second semester in a row, I had a teacher/writer tell me to try and turn it into a novel and get it published. I’m a big fan of the piece and would love to find some free time to actually sit down and work on it. The problem is, most of my free time is segmented into little 1/2 an hour blocks here and there. Not nearly enough to put in any worthwhile work on the piece. We’ll have to see what I can do with it, but I really wish I’d gotten into creative writer prior to my senior year. Only this past fall did I really get big on the whole idea of being a writer…too bad, four years in the incredible writing environment that the MSU Creative Writing Department is and I’d be well on my way. I love the staff in the creative writing program here. They are incredible and I think every student should take a writing class at some point, just for the hell of it as an artistic expression sort of thing. Lots of people can write and never do. Too many people can’t write, but try to anyway. In the end it’s all about passion and finding it. I found out that creative writing is really a major passion of mine…but found out WAY too late in the game.


So this dude from the Twins calls me tonight, right?! He’s trying to force me into buying a Twins ticket pack. And I’m all…take it easy bro, I’ll buy tickets when I want them. And he’s all…but they’re going fast. And I’m all…that’s great, I’ll get back to you some other time. And he’s all…dude, this is how I make my living. And I’m all…dude, I don’t have a freakin’ pirate’s chest full of cash sitting around to buy some Twins tickets right now. I’ve got rent, food, utilities and gas to worry about. Then he’s all…okay…I’ll just try again tomorrow. I love the Twins…but this dude is a major Douche-MaGouche!!

————- = hilarious


Stuart Dybek’s “Pet Milk” is probably the best short story I’ve ever read. I compared his writing to a coloring book. He gives a vivid and descriptive picture…but still leaves that picture open to interpretation, thus allowing the reader to color it in. I loved the story and recommend it to anyone who likes reading, writing, coffee, sex or Dybek and if one of those five things didn’t cover something you like…you should probably take up a hobby of some kind or get that stick out of your butt. Great story…read it. It’s like four pages long…real short.


I suppose that’s all for now. I’ve been avoiding my homework long enough…I guess. Be sure to check the new BASEBALL BLOGGERS website for updates and I’ll try to keep this bad boy updated as well.



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