Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | December 16, 2005

Finals Week…

Well folks, I’m not gonna lie Finals Week has pretty much been a breeze. Monday I had an essay test at 10am and I feel I did pretty well on that bad-boy. Then I turned in a 35 page paper for my Creative Writing class. The story is still VERY far from being finished. Currently I’m hoping to someday with time, patience and a good editor turn that bad-boy into a small novel. *crosses fingers*

Also Monday, I realized why I’m getting so chunky…trust me, I am…well not really, but I feel sorta chunky. I eat too much greasy fast food. So I’m sitting in the cafeteria munching down like my 40th Chick-fil-A sandwhich of the semester when I think…damn, these aren’t healthy at all. Now realize these guys are like 8,500 calories naturally. Then I squeeze two packets of mayo and two packets of this honey-roasted BBQ sauce onto them and eat the chicken. I follow that up with a thing of greasy, salty waffle fries that I dip in Ranch, mayo and the afformentioned BBQ sauce. Now I realize that I eat like 75,000 calories a day and in reality I’ve gained only one pound in the last 4 years…yes, one f’n pound. But it still made my kind of sick to think about it…just thought I’d pass that along.

Anywho, Monday night Mike, Alicia and I went to the gym to workout. It was nice to go there since I can’t stand going to the gym on campus. Maybe it’s just me, but anymore at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is stay on campus even longer after I’ve already been there for like 10 hours, know what I mean? So it was a nice change. I lifted some weights…always happy when my arms don’t snap like the tiny twigs that they are. Then I ran for 10 minutes. I know, big f’n deal, right?! Well since I still haven’t done anything that is overly cardiovascular since the whole lung collapse, it felt great! I know I played slow pitch softball all summer…and I’ll admit, I may have bounced back too early from lung surgery…I was practicing and playing within a month…eeekk!! But yeah, it felt good to do some exercising on the old wind bag again. I wasn’t too winded or dead and I was running at a pretty solid pace, uphill on the treadmill…so that made me happy. Good times.

To follow up that workout session…we decided to do some drinking, b/c what better way to counteract everything you’ve just done?! We picked up some of the neccessities at the CUB Foods liquor department and headed home where Mike mixed us some MONDO-HUGE Liquid Cocaines. For anyone who has never had a liquid cocaine…your life is a waste. They are great! Why are they called liquid cocaines you ask…or at least I’m pretending you did…well I’ll tell you why. Because they are expensive (like $5 in a bar) and once you have a taste…you’re hooked!! Needless to say everyone got bombed. Even Alicia, who’ve I’ve never seen drunky-poo before. We also played Phase-10 at the same time and I won for the first time ever, turns out all I have to do is get the competition drunk as hell and they’re all mine.

Tuesday was just a work day. Then some B-Dubbs for wings and beers and then back home for some more mixed drinks and another round of Phase-10. No one was drunk and I lost. Dammit.

Wednesday was my fun day! w00t! It had basically snowed all night long and continued doing so through most of the morning so there was tons of snow. The best part, it was the heavy, wet kind that’s all packed. Well okay, at first it sucked, because I went out and had to scoop out the driveway so Grace could get out and go to campus. Then I did the sidewalk…the other end of the driveway so I could get out…the walkway to and from the garage and Grace’s and my cars…and then the kicker…I cleared out the entire space behind the garage…yeah! It was nuts. We are talking about tons of f’n scooping snow, but what the hell it was like right at 32 degrees and I didn’t have anything else to do. Good times. Later Alicia took me to Perkins to thank me for the scooping. Which was great, b/c she bought me lunch/breakfast…good times. She gave me tons of info on Portland and Oregon as a whole (it’s Grace’s #1 choice for Grad School Destinations).

Later I took my application up to KEYC-TV and talked to them about my internship and they were totally cool with me working during the summer and the job is pretty much all sealed up. SWEET-ASS-SWEET!! I’m so pumped to work for a TV station, let alone one as prominent at KEYC. Seriously, they are the 27th highest rated CBS affiliate in the US…holy schnikeys man!! Their noon news is the 13th highest rated in the entire country and they dominate the entire region as the #1 rated station in news, sports and weather! I’m so f’n pumped.

So when I got home, I was a little bored so I went outside and started messing around in the snow. I slid down the driveway behind my car about 30-40 times on my sled and then quickly tired of that…so I decided to make some snow men. Oh hell yeah! The next hour or so was spent rolling snow up, and it comes up just like sod man…it just kept rolling and took the snow right off the grass…it was nuts. And the end result is as follows:

On the left we have Snow Graves and on the right, Snow Mlady. Yeah…I’m seriously that lame. But it was a good time. I came back inside, had some hot cider and read more of my David Wells autobiography…a very good read actually, whoda thunk it?!

Thursday (today) was spent at work and then hanging out with Mlady. We did some Christmas shopping and just bummed around town for awhile, which was a lot of fun. Then I did my usual night-before cram job for my 10am Mass Comm History final tomorrow. You know, for a 400-level class, it’s not too shabby, a little on the boring side sometimes, but not too hard. I like that. Well I suppose it’s now 1:30 in the A.M. and I need to get a little sleepy-poo before this final…so I’m going to go ahead and sign off now…

Hope you enjoyed the latest installment.


PS: One more thing…can we keep some peace on the replies. I know some people have pissed other people off and I’m not going to name any names…but if EVERYONE involved good, bad or ugly could just get along or just avoid…that’d be super-duper!

PPS: For anyone from back home who might be reading this…I’m super-f’n-pumped for X-Mas Break. It’ll be nice to kick back and cool my jets for awhile. I’ll probably work with my Pappy a little bit, but other than that…I’m looking forward to some hardcore lazy-dayz of winter and of course…FLAG FOOTBALL 2k5!!

PPPS: Lewis Black is coming to Minnesota! He’s going to be at Mystic Lake on Thursday March 23rd at 7:30pm. I’m going to try to snag some sweet-ass tickets, should be one helluva good time. I’ve seen George Carlin live (thanks to a twist of fate and his booze problem), I’m most likely going to see Lewis Black…all that leaves is Chris Rock and my trifecta is complete.


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