Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 30, 2005

Week 13 Fantasy Football Run-Down

Once again I must apologize to the faithful blog readers who must deal with my fantasy football postings. For some reason the Yahoo! board is down once again and I can’t seem to get my full message to post without an error message. I tried breaking it into two messages and still the error messages. Thus, I am forced to send my fantasy football crap to the blog…enjoy.


Well here we are, the final week of the regular season. Three teams have clinched playoff spots and the rest of the field is wide open for the Kunkel boys.

Jay and the Morfitt brothers are out of contention which could lead many to wonder what role they will play this week. Will they try to be playoff spoilers for the Kunkels or will they lay down and allow one of the Kunkels an easy march into the postseason?

Right now Johnny appears to have the roughest road into the playoffs. Of the four Kunkels he is fourth in total points, ultimately the deciding factor among teams tied. All of the Kunkels could come out of this week tied at 7-6, but Johnny would need some major points to catch the other three. He also faces the toughest match-up in the form of Mr. Burns.

Justin potentially has the easiest time of it this week going one-on-one with Grant in what could be a point scoring frenzy for his revitalized offense. If he can vanquish Grant and run up the score he may secure a spot in the postseason.

Steven and Mike go head-to-head in what could be considered a revenge round for Steven after Mike shut him out of the playoffs in Fantasy Baseball by one point just a few months ago. Could Steven be looking to inflict the same type of hurt?
Let’s get right into things…

Team Kunkel (6-6) vs. taradactyl’s friend (7-5)
-Steven has yet to beat a Kunkel yet this year. A fact which may keep him out of the playoffs. Both men are coming in after big wins, but Mike’s was perhaps the biggest as he absolutely dominated G-Doggy’s second place InSaNe AuDiO. I expect a good game between these two teams with the running backs being the key to victory. It’s a simple logic for both teams here…win and you’re in. If Steven wins he is in by virtue of his record and if Mike wins (assuming he puts up at least 50 points) he will be guaranteed a spot based on record and overall points. Should be a close one. Yahoo! has the spread at four points in favor of Steven, I like those numbers but in favor of Mike based on the defenses both teams are going up against.

MY PICK: Mike by 4pts.

Favreinos II (11-1) vs. InSaNe AuDiO (8-4)
-I blew G-Doggy out by 31 points in my last win, a feat I don’t plan on repeating, but I do think this has potential to be a high-scoring affair. G-Doggy has been playing in a lot of very tight games lately and I think this week will be more of the same. I think in the end this week is going to come down to the performances of our RB and QB. He (as of Tues) has Brees and I (as of Tues) have Warner slated to start. If Brees can bounce back from a rough outing last week, it may be G-Doggy’s time to shine. However, I get LT going up against Oakland and most likely Thomas Jones against Green Bay. G-Doggy’s Tiki Barber must deal with the punishing Dallas defense but McGhee has the chance to shred in Miami. Should be a close one. I’m going to go with G-Doggy giving me my second loss of the season in the final game. Yahoo! picks him by 2 pts, but I expect his team to rip up the scoreboard big and punish me to close out the year.

MY PICK: G-Doggy by 11 pts.

Yourmom’s a screamer (8-4) vs. Le Mars Lipsinks (6-6)
-Should be a good game. Johnny’s got one of the best players in the league this year in Carson Palmer, the best Tight End in football in Antonio Gates and two running backs looking to have big weeks in Lamont Jordan and Rueben Droughns. Burns fires right back with the quarterback of the best team in the NFC, Matt Hasselbeck, a resurgent Joey Galloway, Edge and one of the best big-game tight ends in the NFC, Alge Crumpler. In their previous meeting Johnny lost 75-46, but his team has been very solid in the second half of the season making quite the playoff push. Burns is in the playoffs no matter what and Johnny needs a win and a big week in points to make it in. Needless to say this game means for more to Johnny than it does to Burns, but don’t expect either team to lay down in this one. Yahoo! picks Burns by 7, but I forsee Johnny pulling it out this week either with a big pre-game roster shuffle or some big-game performances.

MY PICK: Johnny by 3 pts.

Captain Jack Sparrow (2-10) vs. j’s team (4-8)
-Neither team is in the playoffs. Neither team has a shot at the playoffs. Looking at their teams it’s almost impossible to understand how they are both ranked so low, but they are. Both teams came into this season looking poised for big runs and both have since fizzled. Jay is on a three game losing streak. Travis is on a four game losing streak. On the brightside at least one team finishes the regular season on a high note…sorta. Yahoo! has Travis losing by 20 points. I don’t think it will be that many points, but I think the winner is correct.

MY PICK: Jay by 14 pts.

tom brady’s bitch (6-6) vs. Go Me (2-10)
-Um…I guess I really don’t know what to say. It would seem that Justin has the edge. His team is pretty solid on paper. Of his six losses, four of those came to teams that have clinched playoff berths. Grant has been on a downward spiral since week one. His win over me two weeks ago was good for team morale and little else. I think this game will be close due in large part to the stellar defensive teams Justin is dealing with this week, but I think Yahoo! has picked the right winner, but not by the 15 points they predict.

MY PICK: Justin by 9 pts.


All-in-all I think it should be a good week. Justin has the easiest match-up of the Kunkel boys and is ranked second in total points among Kunkels, thus giving him a huge advantage even if he loses. At least one Kunkel is guaranteed a loss this week in the Steven/Mike game and that may or may not be the deciding factor for who does and doesn’t make the playoffs. However, Johnny and Justin both need to come up big in their games to do their part as well. Johnny needs to come up huge with a big-time win and more importantly with a HUGE point output if he wants any chance of winning his second league championship in the past three years.

My pick for player of the week: Drew Brees against the weak Oakland Raiders defense.
–Brees is coming off an atrocious week, which came on the heels of his best week of the season. I think he is going to be looking to bounce back in a big way and especially against a division rival and an interstate rival in Oakland. I expect Brees to come on strong and I think Antonio Gates will benefit largely from Brees’ big week and don’t count LT out for an OK day as well.

STAT LINE: 317yards 4touchdowns 1interception 17yards rushing



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