Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 29, 2005

Catching Up…

It has been quite a while since my last post, although as anyone can see from the comment thread it was still quite an active little blog. As such I’ve decided to start monitoring posts prior to them making it to the board. Sorry, but I run a classy blog kids…

Thanksgiving Rundown
Thanksgiving was a good time. It was nice to have some time off from school work and work work. Not much to report as far as activities, just the usual: lots of video games with Eric, lots of food, lots of staying up until 3:30am, lots of hanging out with my family and a new addition this year…lots of beer. Johnny and I went out Wednesday night after he rolled into town and we hit up the wild and crazy Hartley bar scene. Apparently no one in Hartley knows what a credit or debit card is so I had to pay for Johnny and myself with the little bit of cash I had on me. I ended up buying our last round with pocket change. We saw a lot of people from our class, especially our homeboy and yours Jon Hengeveld. It was a good ole time, not one I plan on repeating anytime soon, but fun nonetheless. Just ask Steven and Justin how fun it was. *wink*

Movie of the Week
Eric and I went to the new movie Just Friends with Ryan “Van Wilder” Reynolds and it was awesome. Reynolds is hilarious, dare I say the next Jim Carey? He has the physical comedy down and can pull through with the serious stuff when he needs to. Amy Smart was gorgeous as always and played her role perfectly. Anna Faris was awesome as Samantha Jaymes, a Britney Spears-like pop diva. I thought she was funny in the Scary Movie series but man, she is hilarious and a darn-pretty lady as well. I’m going to say this movie is definitely worth watching.

Well the weather has been rather nice to me thus far, but it seems that things are changing right now. I was going to go outside and take a picture of the ensuing snow fall…but it’s like one in the morning and I just don’t care all that much. But yeah…we’ve gotten off lucky with just rain thus far but tonight the snow and winds have moved in. Johnny told me that they have had snow in Marshall since early this morning, so this system is clearly creeping along and probably going to stick around for awhile.

Grace is still stuck at home in South Dakota. She was going to leave Sunday by icy rain and winds hit before she could get out and by the end of the night Grace and her family, like much of eastern South Dakota, were left without power as snow continued to pile up and the winds continued to blow. Apparently power lines are snapping left and right because of the ice and it’s just an all-around bad deal. Luckily Ms. Mlady and her family have a generator and propane heaters. But if you could keep them in your prayers until this bad boy is done trying to mess with the Corn Palace.

Random Stuff
Pretty pumped, it’s my birthday this coming Monday. That’s right the big “22” I know it is basically worthless. I hit number two on the list of the five birthdays that are worth a shit last year and now I’m inching along to number one. For anyone who isn’t sure what the five major birthdays are here you go:

5)14 – Learner’s Permit
4)16 – Driver’s License
3)18 – Smoke/Porn/Gamble (Some Places)
2)21 – Booze/Gamble
1)62 – Retirement

Well I suppose just another 40 years and I’m on my way to a beach somewhere or an old folks home. Either way at least I can get free drinks. Only difference is one place is going to have Metamucil in the drinks and the other is going to have Tequila.

Fantasy Football
My fantasy football team did not disappoint once again. We had a huge win over Mr. Justin Kunkel this week. My team is now 11-1 going into the final week of our regular season. I do have a huge matchup with G-Doggy this week, so it should be tight, however, I have a feeling I’ll be able to pull off the victory and keep my streak rolling right into the playoffs and my guaranteed first round bye.

PS: I love LT!

Major League Baseball
Okay here’s my thoughts on the offseason thus far. HOLY CRAP!! The Red Sox traded away one of the top 5 prospects in all of baseball for Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell and Guillermo Mota from the Florida Marlins. When I heard this deal was going down I puked a little. It was obvious that the Marlins were going to start slashing payroll this season, but DAMN! On the bright side they did received Hanley Ramirez and some pitching prospects in return. Ramirez will replace the departing Alex Gonzalez at SS.

The Marlins second major move is one that was a given when the Marlins failed to make the postseason and failed to obtain funding for a new stadium. Carlos Delgado was traded. Ironically, enough he was traded to the team that offered him a better deal last offseason, the New York Mets. Now the Mets finally have some real pop in their lineup and won’t need to rely on David Wright and Cliff Floyd to be the only mashers on the team. In return for Delgado the Marlins received Mike Jacobs and prospects. Personally, I don’t think the Marlins are coming out of this fire-sale too badly hurt. They have received a number of valuable prospects and some guys who are ready to start and play competitive baseball in south Florida.

The Mets have made one move that, in my mind, was a big foolish and that was trading away Mike Cameron. Cameron is a bonafide Gold-Glover and a solid production hitter. He is still in the prime of his career, but was unhappy after being moved to right-field following last year’s acquisition of Carlos Beltran. The Mets traded Cameron to my National League darlings the San Diego Padres in exchange for utility man Xavier Nady. I’m not sure exactly what role Nady will serve in New York, but all-in-all I suppose the deal worked out well for both teams as Victor Diaz can now become a permanent starter in the Mets’ outfield.

The Phillies traded Jim Thome to the White Sox for center fielder Aaron Rowand. This deal is nuts. The Phillies are going to have one hell of an outfield with Abreu, Burrell and now Rowand. WOW! I’m still not sure why the Sox wanted Thome. Either they assume Konerko is as good as gone on the free agent market or they plan to let Frank Thomas walk so Thome can DH full-time after they resign Konerko, either way it should be fun to see how that situation plays out.

Also today: the Mets made another huge move when they signed free agent closer Billy Wagner, the Blue Jays signed free agent closer BJ Ryan and the Oakland A’s signed free agent starter Esteban Loaiza. All of these moves upgrade the teams that made them, but I do believe the Blue Jays overspent on an untested Ryan. The Mets overspent on Wagner, but had to do so or risk losing him back to division rival, Philadelphia.

As of now the Twins have still done…NOT A F’N THING!!

I was really happy with the reactions I got to my fiction piece in class tonight. My workshop group seemed to really like this story and Terry even mentioned turning it into a novel. He told me I should meet up with him so we can discuss it. I’m really pumped about this and I hope that I can do something with it. I would love to pull a Steven King and start busting out novels at a young age. I suppose, I’ll have to put in some real effort and make it a top priority, but I’m feeling very driven toward this writing thing lately and I think it may just be my calling. Just like baseball, professional wrestling, acting and teaching were also my callings?! Hmmmmmmmmm….maybe I’ll just play it by ear for now.


Song of the Blog – “Beverly Hills” -Weezer
Book of the Blog – “On Writing” -Stephen King
Film of the Blog – “Just Friends”



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