Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 10, 2005

Week 10 Fantasy Football Run Down

For anyone wondering why this isn’t like a “NORMAL” Blog post…it’s b/c the message board in my fantasy football league isn’t working correctly right now and I’m leaving town tomorrow right after school/work/other work so I need to get this bad boy up now…thank you for understanding and remember…The Yankees Suck!



Well folks Week 9 was an uninspiring week for most of the league. The average score last week was only 68 points. WOW! If you take my 99 and Mike’s 101 out of that equation it dips to a meager 48 points. Holy crap, who would have thought it’d be such a low-scoring week? Well I have a feeling this week will be much better. But first let’s get right into the crazy events that happened this past week.

Terrell Owens is suspended and deactivated for the remainder of the season, OUCH! Talk about a big hit to Steven. The kid is hanging onto third place and has some rough games coming up with the second trip through the schedule, some T.O. in the lineup definitely would have helped the team. However, Steven will benefit as a result of the next big news of the week…

Priest Holmes is done for the year. Which is a huge kick in the balls to Grant who actually received Holmes in a trade from Travis earlier in the season. This benefits Steven-however-as a result of his shrewd addition of Larry Johnson a few weeks back. Johnson, always a great power back, is now the big man in KC and will get the chance to shine on a full-time basis. If he can repeat performances like last week, Steven is going to be very happy he added him and I can keep bitching about how I dropped him earlier in the year b/c of a Bye Week.

Crazy in one week’s time we lose the number 5 and 6 overall picks from the draft. Sorry to the teams that wasted high picks. Speaking of lost players…the body count keeps rising on superstars who have been shelved for the season: Javon Walker, Deuce McAllister, Ahman Green, Chad Pennington, Daunte Cullpepper, Priest Holmes and now Terrell Owens…Freakin’ Crazy!

Well let’s get into dishing out some awards. First and foremost, I’m giving out last week’s MVP to none other than my boy the future AFC MVP…L.T.!! He pounded the piss out of the Jets last week proving he was back on track and dominant as ever. Four touchdowns, three on the ground…that’s solid shizzle my friends!

My pick for this week’s MVP…I’m going to say Tom Brady. He is going up against a lackluster Miami pass defense and without a doubt the team is going to be fired up following the trouncing they received from the Colts last week.
My predictions: 275 yards 3 TDs 0 INT

Onto the playoff picture…the playoffs are rapidly approaching here in our league with just four weeks remaining in the regular season and only six playoff spots up for grabs, it is a dog-fight from here on out. Only one team (Favreinos II) have clinched a playoff spot and most of the league is neck-and-neck coming into the home stretch.

Currently Jay, Justin and Mike sit clustered at 4-5, the current 6th seed, only points separate the teams at this point and currently it’s less than 50 points. Needless to say wins are going to be a HUGE for these three teams in the final four weeks. Of those teams Jay doesn’t face either of the two and probably has the hardest schedule down the stretch playing 3 of the top 4 teams in the league right now. In contrast, Justin only plays one team with a winning record (Favreinos) and gets to play Grant and Travis along with a huge match-up against Mike.

The teams sitting above those guys at 5-4 include: Steven, Burns and Johnny. Thus far Johnny is the second hottest team in the league right now. He is riding a 4-game winning streak despite being bombarded with injuries, but if he doesn’t do something to alter his mutilated lineup fast…his team could easily fall out of contention, given the 1-4 start, it’s not too hard to picture it happening. This week’s huge Burns/Steven match-up will have huge implications. It’s hard to judge who has the roughest schedule down the stretch, but either way all three of these teams are still VERY vulnerable coming into the final four weeks.

The top of the league currently consists of G-Doggy at 6-3, who statistically should be roughly one win away from clinching a spot in the playoffs, but won’t have it easy coming down the stretch. He faces Jay this week then gets Travis and Mike in the middle before a huge final game showdown with me. Should be interesting. We’ll see if his team can hold on down the stretch.

Then there is me. I’m in the playoffs. I rock. End of Story.

Yourmom’s a screamer (5-4) vs. taradactyl’s friend (5-4)
-Burns has dropped two very rough games in a row to G-Doggy and then to me. He is definitely looking to change his luck this week and may just be able to pull it off given the deactivation of T.O. He will, however, have to deal with Larry Johnson as the official number 1 HB on the depth chart. Steven is also coming off a big win over G-Doggy, something that hasn’t happened a lot this year. Should be a great game. Yahoo! currently has a 6pt spread on the game with Burns taking it 71 to 65, but I think that Tom Brady is going to be the difference maker this week and will bring Steven a HUGE win and put Burns in a must win situation in Week 11.

MY PICK: Steven by 8pts.
Team Kunkel (4-5) vs. Le Mars Lipsinks (5-4)
-Johnny is on an incredible run right now, despite the injury bug not just biting but violently slaughtering many of the key contributors to his team. Antonio Gates and Carson Palmer have been key factors in Johnny’s success which is why I think he will falter this week when both men are off for BYE week. The BYE week will also affect Mike as well. TJ Houslkdjaflkdsjfs is out and Brooks is out leaving Mike quarterbackless this week, unless he makes a free agent pick up. Yahoo! has Mike winning 48-39 with both teams missing two players and I’m going to have to agree to some extent with Yahoo. I think Shaun Alexander is the difference maker this time.


MY PICK: Mike by 14pts.
InSaNe AuDiO (6-3) vs. j’s team (4-5)
-Needless to say this week is going to be huge for both teams. G-Doggy needs one more win to cement his spot in the playoffs and Jay needs to win if he wants to stay in the playoff picture. I think this game, next to the Steven/Burns match-up maybe the most enticing of the weekend. G-Doggy although solidly in second place has shown signs of weakness at points in the season. Jay, well Jay is just Jay. This isn’t college football what does he care, right?! Jay has lost 3 of the last 4 and G-Doggy is playing .500 ball over the last 4 games. Both teams need guys to step up this week in order to win. G-Doggy has been carried by Tiki Barber and Jay by Steve Smith, this week the other guys need to step up or one of these two could take a very big, loss. Yahoo! has G-Doggy 71 and Jay 65…I think I’m going to say that sounds just about right.


MY PICK: G-Doggy by 4pts (CLOSE GAME)
tom brady’s bitch (4-5) vs. Captain Jack Sparrow (2-7)
-No one can say Travis hasn’t been trying in this league. He’s made like 40,000 roster moves in an attempt to better his team, that’s a noble move. Not effective, but noble nonetheless. Justin has been slip-slidin’ away the last few weeks losing 3 of his last 4 games. Travis has been consistently bad, but his first win of the year in week one was an 82 to 38 annihilation of Justin. His other win was over Grant…doesn’t even count! Travis is as good as eliminated from the playoffs…6-7 probably won’t make the cut if he wins the rest of the way out, but 8-5, that would. So Justin is in a must win situation and Travis is out to play the role of spoiler, should be fun to watch. Yahoo! has Justin up 66 to 52, but Travis currently has no defense playing, so with a defense it’s roughly an even match-up. I think both teams are very similar with solid QBs, a good set of RBs and not much else…I think Yahoo! picked the winner right this time through.


MY PICK: Justin by 8 pts.

Favreinos II (9-0) vs. Go Me (1-8)
-In week one I pummeled Grant by 20 pts. He has won just one game since then and I have one eight more. Personally, I have been uninspired by my team’s play as of late (thus the lack of press conferences)…LT saved my ass last week (I’m not even gonna lie about it!) and I am without him this week. Having a guy who can randomly rip off 30 pts makes a big difference. I think my team will fare well, but I do think that if I were to get upset this would be the week, my guard is down and much of my team is banged up (Thomas Jones, Tory Holt, LJ Smith, etc…) I know Grant just lost Holmes, so will be digging to find a RB, but I’m going to predict lots of my guys turn out to be game-time scratches, leaving me no chance to pick up replacements and I’ll lose as a result. Yahoo! has me up 60 to 52 and I’m going to say flip it and you’re pretty close to the final score this week.

MY PICK: Grant by 11pts.



Steven over Burns by 8pts
Mike over Johnny by 14pts
G-Doggy over Jay by 4pts
Justin over Travis by 8pts
Grant over Jeremiah by 11pts



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