Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 9, 2005

Wait, It’s F’n November Already?!

So I was at work today, as I am every day and when I went to stamp a due date on someone’s book and I read the date November 29th (books circulate for 3 weeks…duh!), I thought to myself…Holy Crap! It’s November already and not just November, but we are coming up on the half-way point already! Where has my youth gone?!

Well it might not have been that poetic…it was probably more like this…November, man that sucks donkey balls.

Either way I felt compelled to think about the things I’d like to do before the end of my final year (assuming I don’t f*ck things up) at MSU. I’ve had quite the time here, that I can honestly say. I’ve met some super-cool people. I’ve met some hardcore douche-bags and I’ve met a lot of people who fall somewhere in the middle. I’ve made some sweet-ass friends and I’ve lost some friends who turned out to be kinda sour-ass. (Get it, it’s a play on sweet-ass!)

However, I really have enjoyed my time here. I realize that I haven’t partied nearly as much as most…because I’m a huge nerd who decided to worry about my education while I was here. I know, people can call me a loser or whatever, but I figure if I’m going to leave with $20,000 or so worth of debt, I might as well have something to show for it. Granted a Mass Comm degree with minors in English: Creative Writing and Speech Communication may not be the best way to profit from it, but whatever. I love my major…despite not watching the news, reading the news and basically bashing the media on a daily basis. Either way, I still love the major lots of cool people (read: The Mass Commies) and great teachers. Marshall and Jane…you two have rocked my world.

In terms of the whole writing thing, I kinda like the whole fiction thing I’m rocking right now on Monday nights with Terry Davis. He is a great teacher who everyone should take a class with. The Quicksters know what I’m talking about. They’ve both enjoyed (as far as I can tell) the class as well. Good times.

Wait…where I was I going with this whole thing again?! Oh yeah…stuff I want to do before I graduate. Why did I get on one of those thanking everyone things like I was already on my way out…WEIRD!!

Anywho…things I want to do before I leave:
1) Run through the fountain on campus
2) Eat at that Happy Chef on 169…I’ve never seen a soul in there, so I wanna try it!
3) Have the Mass Commie drinking night Ryan is always talking about.
4) Go to TwinsFest and punch Michael Cuddyer in the face. Gonna be a good fantasy thirdbaseman my ass!!
5) Get drunk on liquid cocaine with Mike again.
6) Eat at Pagliai’s Pizza. I wrote a freakin’ article about it, I might as well eat there.
7) Spread the word about Mazatlan just a little more than I already have.
8) Go through the dorms with the ghost-hunter dudes to see if they’re haunted…not gonna happen, b/c the ghost-hunter dudes…probably never coming back to campus.
9) Write for the Reporter without it feeling like an obligation.
10) A Huge-Ass Game of Flag-Football…HUGE-ASS!!
11) Get published in the Blue Earth Review, I already kicked SLAM’s ass!
12) Watch someone with Minnesota plates use their turning signal. (wishful thinking)
13) Catch another concert: O.A.R. would rock my socks off again.
14) Do another stand-up night? Maybe without the F*BOMB and the subsequent disqualification that follows it.
15) Punch some people in the face…you know who you are!

Yeah…that’s a pretty good list for now. I’m feeling okay about that shizzy. Well my Bredrock40X Printer just finished hacking and weezing, which must mean my 23 page epic on Robert R. McCormick is now done printing…only took three days. Thus I am off to shave, shower and prepare for my presentation.

I leave you with these clothing thoughts from Sandra Bullock in some chick-flick I’m pretty sure I watched with Johnny…b/c that’s how we roll.

“Beginnings are scary. Endings are sad, but it’s what you do in the middle that counts.”

…yeah Johnny…we’re totally butt-buddies! 😦

Oh yeah, final thought: Johnny and Steven, get prepared for the weekend of your lives. By that I mean we can all sit around, sip apple juice, watch Brady Bunch Re-Runs (Oh that Cindy!) and of course…the penultimate…”PUDDING SOCIAL!!”




QUOTE(S) OF THE BLOG: “I’m a Sad Panda…” and “…amazing” – Steven Kunkel, both were repeated a MILLION times in the personal question-mer-bobber thing he sent out!


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