Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | November 7, 2005

F’n Robert McCormick…

Hallelujah!! Praise Jebus!! I’m finally done with my research paper/biography. I’ve been working on this monstrosity since the Thursday before Halloween. I spent Halloween weekend glued to my computer and three dusty library books because of this paper. I’ve spent just about every waking minute working on this thing for the past week and now it is finally finished. 16 pages of cited work about the life and times of Robert Rutherford McCormick. For those of you who don’t know he was a big-shot editor of the Chicago Tribune back in the day and basically was THE GUY in the newspaper industry for about thirty years. He revolutionized the newspaper industry and drove guys like William Hearst out of Chi-Town. Talk about impressive. Steven Kunkel, this should be of particular note to you considering the numerous innovations he made in regard to the Tribune, which if I recall correctly is your future workplace. Read up on him, you might find him a bit interesting.

On a lighter note, this past weekend Ms. Grace Mlady and I celebrated our third anniversary. Can you folks believe we’ve been together for three years and that chica hasn’t dumped me yet?! Crazy huh. We spent Friday night just hanging out (sadly we are so busy that’s a rarity) and went to the mall and stuff. Then we watched one of my favorite movies of all-time The Shawshank Redemption. Believe it or not…and most people do not…Grace had never seen the movie. I know, how crazy is that. For anyone who might be reading this who hasn’t seen it…rent it, download it, steal it…do what you gotta do, just watch it. Saturday we went and got massages. We were both supposed to get all rubbed-down by chicks…but apparently something in the paper work got screwed up so she gets this tall, dark and handsome dude named Ramon. How freakin’ convienent?! Anyway then we bummed around the rest of the afternoon before going out for a lovely dinner and then some bar hopping. Good times were had by all.

I realized a few things this afternoon while I was taking a momentary break from my paper…

1) I really want to play some freakin’ flag football right now.

2) I’m really kinda homesick and miss my family.

3) I miss the boys. I’ve seen Johnny a total of TWO times since July. I’ve seen Travis THREE total times since New Year’s Eve!! I’ve seen Jay TWO times, once was for like 5 minutes and I really just saw his penis, since New Year’s. Luckily, Craiggers and Mike are both here. Mike is usually downstairs playing my videogame. Craiggers I’m lucky if I see once-a-week. Bastard keeps blowing me off for work. Then there are is Steven who I partially wish was here, b/c it’d be a total blast to have him up here, but I really like that he chose to go to Misery…whoops…Missouri. And then we’ve got poor Justin. Poor 11-year-old Justin. Still stuck in Hartley. Poor bastard.

4) The Twins really need to make a big move this offseason. There is talking of making a trade for Jim “I can’t stay healthy or hit home runs anymore” Thome from the Phillies…UGH!!

5) I really want pancakes.

I suppose…that was pretty much the end of my blog for today. I could bitch about how I only had class on Monday last week because my teacher is out dying with the whooping cough, apparently it’s not just a medevial disease…who knew?! This coming weekend (read: Thurs-Sun) Johnny and I are road-trippin’ (notice the apostrophe and lack of “g” on the word trippin’…that makes me cool) and we are going to see Steven down at Northwest, so it should be one helluva time. He is going to be bootleggin’ (again with the cool ending) us some alchy…which should be interesting since he’s like 8 years old and lives in a booze free dorm. Hopefully he has a full list of things for us to do, because if not…then we are just forced to go to the kissing bridge and if you don’t know the story of the Northwest Missouri State Univesrity kissing bridge, well damn folks…I don’t have the time or the NC-17 Rating to tell you about it.

…end transmission…

MUST DOWNLOAD SONG OF THE BLOG: “Change” by Tracy Chapman

QUOTE OF THE BLOG: “Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Dyin'” -Tim Robbins, Shawshank Redemption




  1. Wow, you do bitch a lot. Geez, how does your girlfriend stand it?!


  2. I keep her on a steady supply of mind-altering drugs…


  3. i love Shawshank!!


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