Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | October 24, 2005

Random Pictures…

I’m bored and figured this was the best way to use a 10 minute study break…my apologies!

The Flag of the Infamous MASS COMMIES Army. You will recognize a Mass Commie by their inability to get a job or make any money after college. They will however be willing to bitch about politics and FOX News…we’re good like that!

This is the JEREMIAH GRAVES character that you may have seen in various background segments on South Park. This character is so wildly popular in Japan and Korea that they are contemplating a spin-off series called Far East Park…yeah, that was lame.

I only put this on here, because it makes me giggle like a school girl.

This is from my Facebook. I just found it to be quite amusing…and sadly true 😦
*I’m a Sad Panda!*

…well that was productive. Back to studying, thank you for allowing me to waste 30 valuable seconds of your life!!


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