Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | October 23, 2005

Sunday, Sunday…

Ode to Sundays

Oh how I loathe thee Sunday.
You slip into my weekend
and pose as a fun day.

You bring homework and strife
two of the things no one
wants in their weekend or life.

I feel like I’m inside prision walls
thanks to the pain of senior year.
So Sunday…go suck Donkey Balls!!


Ah yes, I feel that little poem (said with pretentious British accent)sums up my feelings toward this evil, evil day. It drives me nuts how fast a weekend goes anymore. I remember when I was back in the good ole days of HMS Elementary and a weekend seemed to last six weeks. Now I can see my friends (if I had any) on the weekends. I can actually leave the house for things other than school…so the last thing I want to do on one of my two…count ’em TWO previous days off a week…is think about school.

Can I get an A’MEN from the congregation?

Thank you my brothers and sisters…thank you.

The thing is, we all do too much shit nowadays. The fact that everyone needs one or more jobs just to afford rent, booze, books, booze, gas, tuition, booze, heat and water, food, booze, and all of the other essentials that fit into our lives…well that fact just sorta sickens me. We are in our early 20’s…the prime of life and we are stuck reading books about newspapers from the 1790’s, stories we read in third grade and of course writing mind-numbing paper after mind-numbing paper. I think I just puked a little right there. Yep…now my Q key is stuck, son of a bitch.

The mere thought of homework cost me the Q key…

*hangs head and sighs*

Well anywho…perhaps I’ll get back on and rant/bitch/complain later…because that’s what blogs are for…a chance for us to rant and rave and feel like other people care. Gotta love it. For now I’ve got a few papers to write, a test to study for and some articles to write for the paper.

Wait…check that…I think I’m just gonna go puke some more from thinking about it!

Peace and Love my Children…Peace and Love!


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