Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | October 23, 2005

And the Downward Spiral Begins…

Well it started today. That’s right I let the sweet, sweet nectar of Facebook drip into my veins and now I’m freakin’ hooked. I found myself on checking it roughly a million times today. Largely because I was looking to gain some friends as evidenced by this rather amusing screen-shot…

For anyone who can’t read that…because your blind…it says that I have no friends. Quite amusing. So amusing in fact that it prompted me to cry myself to sleep last night. Okay not really, I’m basically just a drama king.

Anywho, because I have a blog…I clearly need to abuse that fact and tell everyone about my day. Basically I slept in until noon, because without Mlady here to pull my ass out of bed, I’m a freakin’ zombie. Then Mike and I went to Taco John’s, delicious way to start my day, we played some videogames, drank some energy drinks for my research and then watched the World Series. In between and during all of those activities I frantically searched Facebook waiting for friends. I now have like 10 of them…SWEET!!

I also had to email Grace and request that she admit to the world she is my girlfriend. Now what bothers me about this is as follows: in order for the Facebook God (we’ll call him Joe Facebook) to institute a policy requiring significant others to agree they are your significant other…that would entail that at some point…some creepy bastard (read: Jay Christiansen) said someone was their girlfriend (read: my mother) and Mama…er…said female, was unhappy with the situation. F’n crazy people ruining things for the rest of us.

Well I suppose. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to talk about. No opinions on anything really. Just sick of homework. I have to interview this ghost hunter dude tomorrow, but the dude won’t ever give me a time and then he switches it and now I’m waiting for him to email me back again so we know when we’re actually doing the interview. Plus I need to study for a test and do some other stuff I sorta forgot about.

Well to wrap things up…I’ll give you my Top 5 All-Time Favorite Keanu Reeves movies…

5) The Matrix

4) Hardball

3) Pointe Break

2) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

1) The Replacements

…you’re welcome!


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