Posted by: Jeremiah Graves | May 16, 2011

Apropos of Nothing: A Haiku About Booze

Roughly three years ago, my friend Travis randomly purchased me a bottle of Jeremiah Weed, simply because it had my name on it. At that time, it appeared to be nothing more than some sketchy, no-name brand of whiskey.

It became a running joke amongst our crew because no one would really touch the stuff—except for Craiggers who takes a ritualistic shot every year at our fantasy baseball draft—and it just sorta lurked around various people’s houses.

In that time, Jeremiah Weed has actually become insanely popular—at least in the Midwest—with the alternative brands (ie: “Sweet Tea” and “Lightning Lemonade”) being the most popular of the bunch.

Despite the burgeoning popularity of the brand, none of us—aside from Craiggers, that is—had really tried any of the Jeremiah Weed products.

That all changed the other night when the infamous John Kunkel sent me a picture message that was just a can of Lightning Lemonade with absolutely nothing else to provide context or insight. He’s a wildcard like that.

The next morning I inquired about the experience, but asked him to respond via haiku.

This was the result:


So, there you have it, folks. Jeremiah Weed’s Lightning Lemonade is seemingly delicious, refreshing and can knock you on your ass.

…and that’s really all I’ve got. This post wasn’t title “Apropos of Nothing” for, well, nothing.

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  1. impressed…. I had JM lemonade last night…. have sweet tea for tonight I’ll send you a picture ;). Sorry lemonade can is gone so only sweat tea can :)

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